What sport isn’t all about my core strength?

core powera. swim
b. bike
c. run
d. none of the above, so just get over it and do more planks. (sigh)

After last week’s monster “pull buoy at the ankles” workout, I sent a long email to my coach. It was all about how sure I was that my old, left shoulder injury and its weakness was causing my left arm to cross my body.  Her response went something like: “or it might be your core.”

Two days later, I practiced “high-elbows”.  I sent another email to my coach.  I was even more sure that I had found the cause of my body crossing stroke.  My left elbow had been too low, and clearly this was the result of my old, left shoulder injury.  She responded that high-elbows weren’t really all the rage, anymore.  So I asked what the new rage was.  Her response went something like: “focusing on your core & core-strength.”

Yesterday, I went to the pool, still fairly certain that my high-elbows were my answer.  My warm-up swim drills included a few hundred yards of swimming with a pull buoy at my ankles.  And this time she included with”closed-fists”.

She made her point.  Core strength it is.  (sigh)

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