She hits the wall

swim gogglesToday’s workout: humility

In previous posts, I’ve presented some of my initial challenges with swimming on my back: Does your neck hurt when you do that? 

I’ve also celebrated my progress and ability to predict the end of the pool by watching ceiling tiles: Procrastination & BTTW

Today, my neck was in a great position.  I was swimming in a reasonably straight line – tracking with the ceiling tiles.  I easily spotted the broken tiles which signaled the end of the lane. I completely failed to extend my arm.

Bam. Right into the wall.

I kid you not.

6 thoughts on “She hits the wall

  1. Hopefully no one was watching…..just kidding.

    When I am swimming backstroke, I watch for the flags. Once past them, take 3 strokes, then turn 180 on to my stomach. I can then see the wall, and either flip for another lap or stop.

    1. Part of the problem is that there are no flags at this pool.
      Part of the problem is that flipping on to my belly was far too obvious for me to consider.
      What a brilliant idea! Thanks!


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