New Year’s Wisdom

Winter WaterA Polar Bear Swim to kick off 2014!

This sounded like the perfect way to start a year that was filled with bold goals and all sorts of crazy wishes.

Jeff & I couldn’t make the Christmas Day swim, so making our own event just a week later seemed like a decent balance of daring and reasonable. (this is “reasonable” per the endurance athlete, endorphin brain, of course.)

We picked our time: 10:00 am.  There was discussion of a possible run after we warmed back up.  The perfect start to the year.

The beauty of moving up into the higher age groups, is gaining experience and wisdom.

“We should probably check to see if the reservoir’s frozen.”

nICE 2Freezing cold water is one thing,
frozen is entirely different!

Neither Jeff nor I were chipping through the ice to carry out this mastermind plan.

Plan B: Kick off the New Year with a day of rest.  Makes sense.  It’s going to be a very busy year. I’ll need my energy.

Tomorrow she moves mountains


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