Weekend Warrior – I’m a cliche

If my life was a sitcom, everyone would have seen it coming. The team: Bottoms Up!

Sunday’s workout was a brick. (45 minute easy ride followed by an hour of moderate intervals) One of my favorite workouts. But this Sunday didn’t belong to me and my training plan. It was chock-full of kid and school related events. I was on the road by 5:30 in order to make it to the 8:30 start of the Parent Kickball PTO Fundraiser Tournament.  (can you see where this is going…?)

Our team was the one team without matching, custom t-shirts.  We were old-school, playground types. We played our hearts out and lost  in the first game (7-6). No worries. We were here for fun and thought we have a nice, brief tournament experience. Nope. There was a consolation match after the second round of games.  We just needed to wait an hour to play. So we all sat around in the bleachers and watched the kids and the other games. (see it..?)

10:30, we’re back on the field. We’re working out logistics with the other losing team that we’re playing. And then we’re up, I’m 1st in the line-up. I go for the solid bunt down the 3rd base line and sprint like a mad woman to first. You know what happens, right? That didn’t feel good AND I’m out. Now I take some time to stretch.

The game was a lot of fun.  The teams were equally matched in kickball skills and fun having. I found my position, pitching.  I even got some awesome coaching from a team mate who plays in several WAKA leagues (I had no idea there was adult league kickball). We won. We went through the lineups, smacking hands and exchanging “good-games”. And we all scattered to make AAA baseball Trophy Day games, etc.

At home, I hung out with the foam roller for a while. After a couple of hours at the baseball fields and a couple more at the team after party, I was done. Tired and in pain. I was asleep with the kids at 8:00 that night.

Waking the next morning to swim, I was sore. The pool was cold, so the swim felt good. But overall, not good. I was a wounded weekend warrior. I knew it. With all of my training and my endurance…with all I know about stretching…with all I know about 40-something parents engaging in occasional weekend sports… Seriously?!

A trip to the chiropractor confirmed the right hip flexor strain – which was pulling in a nasty, painful way on my sacroiliac. Rest for me.

It’s sort of nutty. I was trying to think if kickball was worth not being able to train to plan this week or maybe not racing on Sunday. I don’t think so.
But would I do it again? Heck yea!

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