I remember when I used to run…

It’s been weeks since I’ve laced up and hit the roads.

I know we live in New England & it’s winter. I’ve been trying to be tolerant of this ridiculously snowy patch.
Today, I give up!

The snow is piled half way up the doors that used to lead outside and it’s still coming down in an endless swirling blur of white. There’s more shoveling and car scraping to be done again today and again tomorrow. When this storm stops and the roads are plowed (as much as they can be), there’s no safe shoulder for running. And still more, the foretasted high temps in the teens (less windchill) sound terribly oppressive & depressing.

Unconditional surrender

Surrender?!. Ugh, I’m gonna have to find a treadmill. Crap.

Not today. Today = shoveling + moping + more tea. *pouts*

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