my husband’s a cyclist

He’s not a triathlete. He believes in Big Foot more than the possibility of a good ride being preceded by a swim and/or followed by a run.

This is cool. We share a lot of time and discussion with cycling. He’s great with details and mechanics and makes living with 7 or 8 bikes feel pretty reasonable. He’s also incredibly supportive of my triathlon training, though the finer details of swimming and running don’t interest him. (This I forget.)

He recently had the great idea for adding some fun to the kids’ February vacation. We’d head down to the Cape Codder in Hynannis for a couple of days in a family hotel / indoor water park. The kids would love it and he highlighted an added benefit – “You’ll be able to get in a couple of swim workouts over vacation while your pool is closed.”

I love his plan, but every once in a while one doesn’t quite come together 100% as we imagine.

When I asked the woman at the front desk if there were specific times for lap swimming, she hesitated, as if waiting for a punch line.  “So, you haven’t been here before…?”

best laid plans

A trip to the pool provided a more enlightened view of just how silly my question was. Oh, sure, lap swimming. You go for it, buttercup! ♥

Triathalife Plan B – water displacement, potato chip eating, and hedgehog appreciation.


splash down #428

rain umbrella

Factory Tour

Animal Ambassadors



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