stupid germs & the art of rest

7 days in a row of NOT TRAINING because of stupid germs. 7 days!

I’m proud of myself for giving my body some rest to fight the stupid germs. Every day I practiced being pleasant to be around (while NOT TRAINING) and really think I should I be highly commended for such a good job…right up until day 7.

Day 7 (of NOT TRAINING) I woke up with all my ‘pleasant’ used up. I’d rested and fed my body healthy foods, lots of fluids – I had been a model of health and recovery – WTF!?  The stupid germs were still kicking my ass.

This sucked. I’d probably never work out again. I might as well kiss the 2015 season good bye.  So much for all that great post-season cycling – that’s all gone. How many pool sessions had I missed?! Ugh, back to square one, I know it.  And…the snow’s never going to melt.  I’ll never run again. And just watch, I bet the stupid germs are something really horrible and awful…WebMD, that’s a good idea. Yeah, that’ll help.

My attitude on Day 7 (of NOT TRAINING) was helpful only for crappy work conversations and negotiations that I’d been avoiding.  Oh yeah, there’d be no taking shit from anyone on day 7 (of NOT TRAINING). And I’d happily share my opinion, thank you very much.

Day 7 (of NOT TRAINING) my family starts looking forward to my next long run, just so I’ll leave the house for a long run.

Day 8 – hmmn, feeling better, for sure. Easy endurance swim.  40 minutes later, I’m a restored human.

Training is like a Snickers bar.


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