zone 2 run aka mental intervals

Yesterday was my 3rd day back to training after being at full rest for a week with the stupid germs.

A nice, slow and easy run…zone 2 all the way is definitely what I needed. My crazy runner brain struggled. Basically, dealing with my crazy brain is a lot like negotiating with my kids for “just 5 more minutes” at bedtime. (“No? How ’bout 3?” Pahleeeeeease?!”)

The result? Intervals – in my brain.

15 min warm up with sane brain: “Oh, this feels so good just to be back running and off the couch. I feel so much better. I’m so happy there’s more pavement and it’s not too, too cold.”

Main set: mental intervals

10:00 zone 2 with sane brain / 2:00 battle with crazy brain (repeat -over and over and over…)

Set 1: 10:00: “feeling good. lungs feel good. nice & easy.” / 2:00: crazy brain: “I bet I lost fitness. I’m so glad I turned of pace for this run. Oh, I’m so slow.”

Set 2: 10:00: “No, this is good. I’m choosing this pace. I’m choosing to run slowly because I want to stay healthy.” / 2:00 crazy brain: “Is there really much of a difference between low zone 3 and zone 2? I don’t think so.” Sane Brain: “yes, there is. stop it.” CB: “I dunno, it still feels pretty easy.” “no, stop it.” CB: “fine.”

Set 3: 10:00: “It’s actually good that there’s so many icy spots, it’s keeping things at the right pace.” / 2:00 crazy brain: “If I walk across an icy spot and my HR drops into z1, it’s fine to pop it up to z3, it’ll be a z2 average.” Sane brain: “It’s not the average, the whole run is easy, not to exceed z2.” CB: “Average is fine, that’s all that shows on the workout summary.” “no, stop it.” CB: “fine.”

Set 4: 10:00: “I can do this. Just focus on being grateful to be running at all today.” / 2:00 crazy brain: “3.2… but on a hill. I’ll run in z2, except for the uphills.” Sane Brain: “no, z2 the whole run.” CB: “it’s impossible to stay in z2 uphills. SB: “so slow down more.” CB: *pouts*

Set 5: 10:00: “Almost done. I’ve got this. I think I did a pretty darn good job.” / 2:00 crazy brain: “Another runner! crap! they’re gonna think this is my pace. I’ll just pick it up a little until I get around a corner.” Sane Brain: “He’s not gonna think anything.” CB: “oh yes he will.” SB: “It’s 26 degrees and he’s running in shorts, he’s not thinking.” CB: “good point.”


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