It’s so quiet here

Years ago, when JD was little and Jason and I were just dating, Jason offered babysit so I could go out for a run. (such a nice guy) Almost an hour later when I returned, Jason was still outside doing some yard. I asked him if everything went okay. “Yes,” he was quite proud to say, “he’s been quiet the whole time, I haven’t heard a peep.”

A three year old..quiet for an hour?

I ran into the house and found him in the toy room where we left him. The entire room was covered in an elaborate web of scotch tape.  Corner to corner, the tape encircled the smallest details of the furniture, his toys, the curtains – everything. Two empty rolls of tape lay on the carpet at his feet where he was standing in the middle of his very sticky web.  It was memorable.

This is what I think of when I think of quiet. It’s not that there’s nothing going on; it’s quite the opposite. It’s quiet on the blog right now because there’s a lot going on inside.

It’s that calm before the storm. Things are percolating. Schemes are hatching. Change is coming.

Do you know this quiet?

7 thoughts on “It’s so quiet here

      1. Dank? DANK? Dark obviously. This can’t go on, I’m becoming a joke (looks for reading glasses, trips over bike gear, falls onto reading glasses breaking them. Much swearing ensues)


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