It doesn’t feel like Christmas…

68° is very unusual for a New England Christmas Eve day.

As we finished up the wrapping and packing and the last trips to nearby stores for forgotten items, everything just felt different.  We saw people in short sleeved shirts playing golf. There was a couple out enjoying an afternoon tennis match in shorts and t-shirts. Our Santa hats were too hot to wear.

I couldn’t shake the thought that it didn’t feel like Christmastime. I sat on the couch for a few minutes and thought about this and asked myself “why?”

We had beautiful lights and wreathes in every window and a twinkling Christmas tree that the kids had proudly picked as the one. We had thoroughly enjoyed spending joyful times with good friends and celebrating our family traditions. We had presents a plenty and good food ahead for dinner and Christmas Day. We’re all healthy and our happy days outnumbered our challenging days this year. Our house was filled with love and a lot of peace this year. We were all together.

And still, it felt like just a regular day, not like Christmas Eve.

Here’s the magic of pausing and wondering

How lucky am I?!  How lucky am I that being in my home filled with my family sharing laughter and love feels like just a regular day? How lucky am I that being healthy and having yummy food to eat feels like just a regular day? How lucky am I that 2015 had more happy, peaceful days than scary anxious ones? How lucky am I to have wonderful friends and family, near and far, always in my heart?!

How lucky am I that this feels like just a regular day? I’m very lucky… and I’m immensely grateful.

Thank you to each and every person, creature, and bit of beauty that shared some part of 2015 with me and my family. You are all part of our stories and part of what makes all of this feel like a regular day. We wish you love in your hearts and peace in your thoughts, today – and in all of your regular days, too.

Merry Christmas & Everything!  XOMerry Everything!




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