and now…the not-so-epic new year’s goal

Photo (15)In contrast to the great adventures and glorious feats of strength that I have planned for 2016, I have this chair.

Although, it looks like a benign bedroom chair, it’s not.
This is my attempt at a new tiny little habit.

What you can’t see in this picture are the sweaters, skirts, slacks, blouses, and tights that wanted desperately to rest here on this chair, this week. I am very proud of my empty chair.

I’m trying to build a new habit in a small aspect of my life. I just want to make a small change that I might be able to sustain. Not revamping anything major, just trying to have a clean chair. And although it’s been really challenging, I’m on day 7.

I was telling a friend about my chair project and she asked me how I did with last new year new habit. (last year’s?) I felt a little embarrassed that I didn’t actually remember what it was. She reminded me that I was trying to bring in the mail and sort it over the recycling bin, so I had less clutter on our kitchen counters.
Oh, that habit! (I totally forgot.)

But the day before, I watched Jason come into the house with the mail and sort it over the recycling bin and only put the important pieces on the counter. I forgot…he and I had talked about it. I guess we both adopted the habit and now it’s such a part of our routine, we can’t see it or remember the effort it took to develop it. It just happens. It’s a habit.

(How cool is that?)

So, I’m working on building a new tiny little habit. It’s not tremendously exciting or anything. It won’t ever get tagged as #epic, but looking at my empty chair makes me feel pretty happy and accomplished.

8 thoughts on “and now…the not-so-epic new year’s goal

  1. Too bad the chair wasn’t purple than you would really want to sit in it instead of put your clothes on it.

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