2016 Intents

everyday I train I add more fuel2 weeks into February and I haven’t officially declared my training intents for 2016. (Must be all the excitement of having a clean chair)

I turn 49 in May. This is my last year in the 45-49 age group.

Aging doesn’t bum me out. These days, too many friends are fighting really sucky cancers just for the chance of growing old, so it feels more like a privilege. With them in mind, I’m not looking at 50 with dread, more like an awesome sense of respect.

For 2016, my intent is to bring everything together and build a healthy strong foundation for an epic celebration of aging up.

What the hell does that mean?

Bringing everything together: This will be my 5th triathlon season. In seasons 1 & 2, I was primarily focused on being able to finish races (survival) and falling in love with the sport. Season 3, I was all about learning how to swim (stronger). Season 4 was all about the bike. This season, I’m striving for a balance of swimming, biking, running, core strength and the transitions between. I’m thinking triathlete. This will mean bringing back the bricks, no doubt.

Healthy strong foundation: Core: I will not abandon my functional core strength training this season. (repeat) I will not abandon my functional core strength training this season. Nutrition: I’ve made improvements, but there’s more I can do to feel better fueled for 2nd workouts and race-days and to make sure I’m making the best choices to maintain muscle mass over 50. Muscosceletal: It’s the niggles and annoying pains that I’ve learned to work through that I will be giving some attention this year. (ankles, hamstrings, hip flexors) I see more PT; a focus on form; and some equipment changes to support keeping the body as healthy as possible.

Epic celebration of aging up: I’m letting this evolve over the year. Running the Boston Marathon (qualified), 70.3 World Championships, and CX Nationals are currently under consideration.

In truth, this is really the 2nd year of a 3 year plan that I hatched last February, when I started reading The Well-Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon. (hmmn, maybe February is my goal setting month) I’ve always just taken my goals one season at a time. The idea of using a long-term perspective for triathlon goal setting felt like a novel concept, but I really appreciated the idea and it felt perfect.

I’m looking to age-up with a #FN50 attitude and with a healthy, balanced foundation that will serve me for decades of training to come (if I’m lucky).


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