New England Spring

Spring in New EnglandOof! Spring forward? I don’t think so. Feels like backwards…

Last weekend was daylight savings. I don’t really love losing an hour of my weekend, but for more daylight, sure, I can manage it because I love the idea of daylight savings and spring. Moving daylight savings earlier to March, sounds awesome, right?-  who couldn’t love the idea of more daylight sooner?!

Well, it’s messing me up! Moving the hour of daylight, that used to be in the morning, to the end of the day is much more mentally problematic now that early mornings are supposed to be used for the first workout of the day.

I’m a pretty annoying morning person by nature, but I can barely muster 5am wake up for the pool. All winter long I’ve diligently tiptoed through the dark house and just recently felt so hopeful as the morning skies began to show hints of light streaks. Now it’s just SO dark again. The glimpses of the light at the end of the winter tunnel have made this darkness thicker and harder to sludge through.

Then there’s the other end of the day… Sure more daylight is awesome, but it’s so sneaky. More light = more play and family dinners are started terribly late, often the kids barely finish before their bedtime. Falling asleep is nearly impossible. I’ve seen weeknight times of 9:30, even replied to a text message at 10:00! It’s like I’m turning into a night owl or something. (which makes the morning’s darkness even darker and sludgier.)

Snow on lilac budsOf course there was the glorious weather that coincided with the time change…not! After many days in the high 50s and outdoor rides on the road, the first week of daylight savings was back to the 40s with freezing cold nights and mornings (again, making morning even darker). These temperatures weren’t even daunting a few weeks ago, but with all the warm weather, it feels like the wrong direction. I don’t want to go back to winter!

And now the First Day of Spring, we have snow. Snow. Shovelable, plowable snow. But we’ve run the gas out of our snowblowers and stored them away! We’ve moved the snow shovels behind the rakes! The bags of mulch are piled up at the stores! My kids aren’t even hoping for a snow day! We’re done with winter – we’ve sprung forward!  No??

Sigh. New England Spring.

Snowy daffodilsI’m sure the daffodils survive their snowy blankets – I’m sure we all will, but  not without a little whining and maybe a temper tantrum or two.



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