Hello. It’s been a while.

A few years ago, I decided that I’d spent too many years wishing I could sing, so I started taking voice lessons. If you’ve ever been told and believed you had a horrible voice, this is humbling.  In addition to learning that I’m an alto and don’t actually have a terrible voice, I learned a lot about breathing and it’s necessity to making vocalizing sound. I guess I’d never had a reason to think about the mechanics of voice and and air passing over vocal chords or  what happens to my voice when I hold my breath.

I’ve been quiet.  I’ve been anxious. When I’m anxious I feel like there’s no air, so I hold my breath. And when I hold my breath, I can’t speak. So I think.  And I try to find traction and make sense of things.  And when this fails me, I stop looking for answers and starting searching for hope. This hasn’t been easy this year. Too much is irreconcilable for me.

But here I am. It’s a glimmer, but I have some.

And with just a little hope, I finally exhale.  And I find there is air for my next breath.

I can hear my voice.

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