Rogue One, Too

Will and I saw Rogue One on opening weekend. (This has nothing to do with the plot.)

I’ve been thinking how nice it is to have a strong female hero that I can relate to. My life in no way parallels Jyn Erso’s. I certainly don’t posses her galactic talents or survival skills, but still.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Wonder Woman and Lynda Carter. I loved her, but there were so many things about her that were just so unattainable for me. Seriously, there was no way in hell I could’ve run after any bad guys in high-heeled boots.  I would’ve been constantly picking gravel out of my amazonian knees.  And a wonder bustiere?  How was this ever useful? My boobs would have been flying out all over the place! Every scene of me in the invisible jet would’ve been tucking things back into their holders , picking gravel, and searching for a pony tail holder.

It’s just fantastic to have a female hero in pants.  Oh, and a jacket and a scarf when the temperature of a given planet’s atmosphere necessitates.  And footwear, practical footwear. I imagine she even had some great warm socks. I love this Jyn!

One thought on “Rogue One, Too

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