An Original Badass Betty Birthday

She warned us back in the spring that we better not do anything silly for her on her 90th birthday. It was a warning we never intended to heed. How do you NOT celebrate someone so awesome?

Much has transpired since I first wrote about The Original Badass Betty. There are more mornings where she isn’t able to get to the pool, now that she relies on a ride from a friend. But she still makes more mornings than she misses and is the consummate role model for overcoming obstacles and joy.

And there’s been a lot happening in my own life and family’s that kept me from returning to the pool after it became too cold for open water swimming. But as many logistics as life seemed to be throwing, there was no way I was going to miss Betty’s 90th birthday party. What an honor to help someone kick-off their 10th decade! So her 90th birthday party became my inspiration for finally getting back to the pool.

She was surprised, gracious, and giggly. It was a treat for all of us. We celebrated Betty how happy we are to have her in our pool and our lives. It was a really great morning swim…
perhaps all swims should be followed by cake!?






She loves her new skullerfly winter hat! And special thank you to Betty Designs for sending some sparkly fun to make Betty’s day super special. She’s saving the bling tattoos for a super special occasion!

Keep on swimming!


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