Good Bread

This is some good bread, and here’s a funny think about this good bread. good bread

Prior to moving last year, I often said that I loved the town we lived in, but wished there was a place to get really good bread. And there really wasn’t any place in town or in the neighboring towns to get a great loaf of a nice crusty bread.

So here I am, eating this delicious bread from a shop that’s less than a mile from our house, that I just went into for the first time since we moved almost a year and a half ago.

This makes me think about all the things I’ve identified and held on to as important things that were missing from my life…which maybe weren’t. Or at least weren’t the impediment to happiness that I imagined them to be.

And then I think about so many other really good things that are actually quite near to me, which I pass by and often completely forget.

But this is some good bread.


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