Christmas Cards in July

Here’s my declaration – our holiday cards will remain on full display until we’re allowed to be together again.

Yup. All of your faces, your kids’ faces, your dogs’ faces, your cats’ faces, and your matching outfits… you’re all staying scotch-taped to my walls where I can see you.

My brain’s already struggling with this outlandish decision. Christmas should be neatly boxed up and put away, it should be. I’m probably just being a slacker (even though, thanks to 2020 USPS shenanigans, cards are still coming). But let’s be real, the risk of being reported to the overlords of seasonal decoration appropriateness is very low. It’s not like we’re expecting house guests anytime soon. Thus the declaration, right?

Thank you all for keeping me company while I descend into ruin for breaking the rules of decorum and decency. By next week, I’ll certainly be running through the house with scissors. It’s a slippery slope.


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