relieved, hopeful, sad, exhausted.

I know I’m not alone. Today, friends and family are streaming tears of which most accurately describe all of it. We are weary, so weary. So tired of being mad and afraid and shocked and mad and afraid and shocked.

There’s relief in having made it, survived. Then immediately so sad at the hundreds of thousands who tragically did not. I feel hopeful that we have an opening to a better country for more of our citizens, but I’m exhausted.

Wear pearls today. Lace up some Chucks. Celebrate all the work that was necessary to give us a possible, better future.
Rest up. There is still too much work to be done.
We can’t ever put this time behind us. We’ve got figure out how to carry it with us, everyday, if we ever hope to near our ideal of a nation.
Sometimes darkness is our best teacher. And unless we’d like to invite these lessons again, we have a lot of work ahead.

out of many, one


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