January Streak: PR

It’s official – a new personal record. I finished my 2022 January run streak in under 3 days!
I impress myself with how much my speed has picked up this year. Past January streaks have taken me weeks to finish, but not 2022. I’m out!

Honestly, I’ve felt a lot worse about blowing resolutions. I clearly didn’t have enough time into this one to get attached to an illusion of how much better than my old self my new self was going to be.

I just didn’t have enough days strung together to manifest a proper feeling of dread about losing everything I’d invested, if I missed a day.

WTVTF, I highly recommend.

Being so unattached to the prefect streak execution seems to be the antidote to the toxic self-disappointment which precedes just quitting the thing I wanted to do in the first place. (in a huff of it was a stupid goal, anyway – hmph!)

This doesn’t suck.

Cheers to more good and less perfect in 2022!
Perfect is the enemy of good.