Hi. I'm Alex (aka zippy). I work as a executive coach for senior leaders who are technical experts and want to lead human teams with meaning, value, and exceptional results.

Another not-so-epic New Year Resolution

This one may possibly seem less epic than the original not-so-epic goal. But I’m thinking it has a more global impact than my tidy room.  And it’s takes up space in my noggin and I catch myself wishing I’d get better about it, so I’m just going to claim it here and hope, that with […]


Random Thoughts from the Swim

If you didn’t start swimming until you were an adult, you may already know that swimming is an incredibly mysterious thing. There are so many questions in a 35 minute “form-focused” workout…   Why does my swim cap sometimes fill up with air and start floating off my head? How come I can do a bunch of turns and then just […]


Perfectly Imperfect

I had a hint of how things were going to go, the night before, when I was copying my morning swim workout on to paper: 50 breaststroke no rest. Text to coach: Hey, coach. I don’t know how to swim breaststroke… The day didn’t start for me until well after 6:00 thanks to a crazy night of […]


Trust, the Process

My parents will vouch for me, since I was little, I’ve always hated running out. As a kid, I strictly rationed Halloween candy to myself, so I could make it last until the following Halloween. I could make a small bag of m & m’s last a month. And I was often teased about the pride I felt […]