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2019 My Word for the Year

For the past several years, I’ve selected a word that I use as a theme, or beacon for the coming year. When I started, I was attracted to words like “sparkle” and “epic”, but now I’m more drawn to words that capture something about how I’d like to feel in the coming year. A word that resonates deeply with a part of my brain that I barely understand.

For 2019 my word is “lightness” and my particular definition of the word is something like:

Lightness: (noun)

  1. the state or quality of being light in weight.
  2. the quality of being agile, nimble, or graceful.
  3. lack of pressure or burdensomeness.
  4. lack of seriousness; levity in actions, thoughts, or speech.
  5. gaiety of manner, speech, style, etc.; cheerfulness.

I think about this in terms of what I’d like more of and what I’d like to share with others. Thinking about more lightness is calming.

As I move through 2019, I’ll encounter the usual number of decision points, tough choices, and moments where I want to do everything at once (or nothing at all). As many times as possible, I hope to use lightness as a touch point. “Will this bring my lightness?” “Will this add lightness?” “Will I feel lightness?”

I’ve imperfected this habit over the years. If experience is a great predictor, I’ll forget my word for weeks at a times. I’ll surely choose clutter and chaos from time to time. But sometimes my word will be ready and present and will be quite perfect.