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A Tribute to the Venn Diagram – Venn & the Art of Professional Development

Today would’ve been John Venn’s 180th birthday. This is celebration-worthy because we’re huge fans of the Venn Diagram. What’s not to enjoy about seeing where two different sets of data overlap?  Our whole lives, we’re asked to choose; either / or, this or that, one or the other.  Venn identifies the intersection where some each co-exists.

The Venn approach to personal development

Venn Power CoachingFirst, identify your current state or situation: A strong employee, for example.

List the qualities you’re known for currently.

This is your set A. →


Venn Power

Next, identify your desired future state:

A great leader, for example.
List the qualities of your ideal.

←This is you set B.


Venn PowerThen, focus on what you’ve already got toward reaching your goal. Start at the intersection. Build on what’s working for you.
Seeing your desired state as an extension of where you are today, rather than completely different, helps bring the goal closer to your reach.  You’ve developed assets and have experiences that you will leverage and that will make you successful.


Happy Venn Day!