Mindset & Motivation

I am fascinated and curious about how we do anything.  We’re always working through many dimensions when we try to make change. There are so many great questions… What happens in our brains to make us to put in the time and effort for some goals, but not others? Why do some lessons seem unlearnable, despite the repetition? Why does a perfectly good strategy work for some goals, but not others? How can I know something and not know it at the same time? How is it that so much of our personal challenges are universal, but communicating with another human is often so hard and frustrating?

The brain’s capacity to re-wire and change is amazing.  Health, wellbeing and peak performance come from embracing the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. We know these things through our feelings and thoughts which we experienced through our neurobiology. This is the space where science and magic live together comfortably.

Thoughts & Feelings

As an amateur human, I experiment with my own performance and motivation by using experience, research and insight. As I practice the new strategies, skills, and techniques, I learn more about my own challenges and humanity and feel I’m better able to support clients as they practice new skills.

I think about and explore the minutia of what moves us forward in a meaningful way:

♦ How do we set meaningful & effective goals?
♦ What motivates us?
♦ How do we stay in a mindset of mastery?
♦ How do we transform adversity and setbacks into resilience and grit?
♦ How do we prepare for big moments?
♦ Are there ever any hacks that work to improve outcomes? Visualization & breath techniques?
♦ Where do we find our “Flow” – the intersection of work and meaning?
♦ What do we do with the anxiety and stress that comes with high-performance expectations?
♦ How do we set boundaries and minimize distractions from our goals and keep focused?
♦ Family and friends: Who are my supporters and how do others influence me?
♦ Who am I? Who do I want to be? What gives my life meaning?
♦ How do I prioritize the fundamentals, sleep, exercise, and nutrition? And how does my performance decrease when I don’t focus here?
♦ How do I communicate with other humans ? How do I convey my dreams thoughts and feelings?