What’s it all about?

“While there are a multitude of issues that effect the female pros and their ability to race fairly and make a living in the sport and still more issues effecting the pros in general, the issue of equal opportunity to race at the World Championships stands out because of the fundamental moral implications of restricting the number of elite women who are able to compete. In society, culture, business and sport, embracing gender equality leads to better communication, a higher level of self esteem for us and our children, and increases in bottom lines in business. Most  importantly, gender equality and diversity in all forms help create societies and cultures both on the macro- and micro-level that are fair and just. It is my hope that triathlon can continue its tradition of gender equality…and will thus continue to set an example for other sports as the ITU currently does in the Olympic distance.

The reasons for upholding our tradition of equality are multitude. Proponents of #50womentokona are working together to improve the future of triathlon for everyone.”

Excerpt from Sara Gross’s article on WITSUP.com. Read the full article here.

What part can you play in creating equality & a proud history for the future?

There are several low impact things you can do to show your support. (let’s face it, most of us have amazing causes where we’re already investing a lot of time.) Every like on Facebook or follow on Twitter counts as another person whose not okay with inequality. **If you are a triathlete, there’s no way to “not get involved”. Doing nothing just gets you counted “okay” with the inequality by those who justify their choice with data manipulation.

  •  Like the Facebook page, and follow on Twitter.
  • Share the TriEqual.com website and Facebook page on social media to help get the word out.

  • Download an “I support #50womentokona” badge for your blog / Facebook page / twitter – found here.
  • Check back on TriEqual.com soon for a list of WTC executives and sponsors to email / tweet and let them know you support the #50womentokona movement!

  • Wear your support with an awesome T shirt – shop here.

  • Check out the TriEqual.com Events page for a chance to help support the cause at a race you will be attending.

Want to get more involved?

There are many ways you can get involved in the pursuit of equality for the sport of triathlon. Please fill out the form here at TriEqual.com and let them know you’re interested; they’ll find a way for you to help.


TriEqual is a group of men and women dedicated to fairness, development, and equality in the sport of triathlon. As such, TriEqual aims to ensure that all groups within the triathlon community are treated equally and with respect.  Further, we aim to increase participation and diversity by increasing accessibility for all athletes, from beginners to elites.

 TriEqual is open to all who wish to be involved and is made up of volunteers working together to improve the future of our sport.