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Atalanta, my first #likeagirl

My social media feeds are streaming pictures of women running #likeagirl!

The #likeagirl ad was inspiring when it made the Facebook rounds last fall, and even more so as a Superbowl ad. This simple idea has big momentum after Sunday night’s time slot. People are catching on – it’s not okay to use “like a girl” as a put down. This is a positive shift.

#likeagirlWhen I was growing up, I had my own version of #likeagirl.  I remember feeling strong and capable when I listened to the story of Atalanta* on my Free to Be, You an Me record.  (yes, that says record.)

If you’ve never heard or seen it before and you have 5 minutes – click here. 

I’ve watched it several times today. I still cry at the end.

I love how the determined Atalanta heads to the field and trains until she’s confident in her ability to race. The blending of Marlo Thomas’ and Alan Alda’s voices sends me right back to the excitement I felt when I was 7 and rooting for Atalanta to beat her suitors.

There was, and still is, something so powerful about the ambiguous ending. Nothing is written. Everything was free choice. And in any choice – there could be happiness.

*note: There’s commentary about this not being the ‘real’ story of Atalanta, and that’s cool, but this is the story that inspired me personally and was my #likeagirl – that’s all I’m sayin’.