She hits the wall

Today’s workout: humility In previous posts, I’ve presented some of my initial challenges with swimming on my back: Does your neck hurt when you do that?  I’ve also celebrated my progress and ability to predict the end of the pool by watching ceiling tiles: Procrastination & BTTW Today, my neck was in a great position. […]


procrastination & BTTW*

Arriving to the pool at 5:45 is feat in itself.  For me, it means everything has to be packed and laid out and ready to go.  Fins, goggles, cap, water, nutrition bar, inhaler, towel – everything needs to be packed and at the back door. The alarm needs to sound at 5:10 – and I […]


“Does your neck hurt when you do that?”

…asked a young high school swim team member as I finished my first 100 yards of backstroke, ever. “No, not really.” I replied. Then realizing  she was being incredibly polite I asked, “If I keep swimming like this, will it?”  “definitely.” I think I modeled my head position after this otter.  It seems reasonable.  These little […]