gazinta swim

My morning swim workout was joyfully improved by my 10 year old daughter. Each time I reach the wall, I look at my handy workout scrap of paper to see what’s next. This is what I saw today.  Hannah had embellished. I smiled each time. It wasn’t just that these little guys (called “gazintas”) are […]


My coach – preview

“There is hardly anything you can’t do if you have, and you nurture, the proper support systems.  Don’t lower the goal, increase your support.” ~Jim Hayhurst Sr I have my new, big goal – competing strongly at the 2014 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships – Olympic Distance. Now I need to increase my support […]


Step 1. Commit

I’m an advocate of thoughtful goal setting & planning. Everyday I work with business  leaders to help them identify and develop meaningful and achievable goals.   This is the core of my  professional success.  I know this like I know the sun will come up later this morning. And yet…here I am (again).  I’ve started another massive challenge just […]