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Cycling Heat & Science

Hot enough to fry an eggIt’s just hot. It would have been ideal if I ‘d gotten out on my bike earlier, of course. But the best ride is the one you get, sometimes. I grab my  mostly white Craft kit and head out during the hottest part of the day.

At least I’ll be moving. I”ll have a breeze. It will be like windchill. In my head I start trying to remember how wind chill is calculated. I have this vague recollection that it was recently simplified so that 1 mile per hour of wind lowers the temperature 1 degree. I keep my mind occupied for at least 20 minutes. If I’m moving at an 18 mph average, then 91 degrees less 18 would be a “real feel” of 73. Heck, that’s totally acceptable.

As much as I try, I just can’t convince myself of this 73 degree feeling.  It is hot.  After an hour, the black on my shorts has heated up. It’s hotter than the heat coming of the black asphalt – at least 110 degrees.  It’s uncomfortable. My skin hurts.

Damn, I’m hot in these shorts!

Wind chillIn case anyone was thinking of using a similar wind chill theory – it doesn’t work.
I got home and googled up a windchill calculator.

What!? How is it possible that 92 degrees with an 18mph wind calculates to 99 degrees? I don’t understand this science. Clearly science can be dangerous in the hands of an amateur athlete.


23 degrees and a bike

Winter on the trainer23, that’s it.

It wasn’t going to get any warmer today. The coach declared today a bike day and the trainer was waiting. It takes me several private pep talks to overcome my frozen inertia.

Workout #1: Bike
Planned Duration: 1:05
15 min gradual warm-up
 this was funny… there was no chance of a “rapid warm-up”.

On a whim I grabbed a DVD that turned out to be perfect for today’s ride.  Wayne’s World, an 80’s cinematic classic.  The Bohemian Rhapsody scene came on just in time finish off the warm up.  Mike Meyers & Dana Carvey car jammin’ out to Queen could not have been timed better. After some head-bopping, trainer jammin’, I felt ready for the rest of the workout.

I do like that my trainer is in the fresh air, once I get warm.  I like to be outside in the winter. This is a good thing since there’s no room in the house to keep the bike set up and if the bike wasn’t ready to go, it would be way to easy for my skip it.  So, it is what it is. And a workout done is better than none.

InTent workout in winter
InTent Winter Workout

a triathlete’s holiday wishlist

Triathlon ornamentThe catalogs have started arriving in bulk at my house.

My kids are getting hand cramps from circling new Lego sets, rainbow loom accessories, and other bits of colorful plastic.

OK, it’s not just the kids.  It’s me, too.

For some context, my husband and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary.  The traditional gift for 13 years is lace. He gave me new compression tights.  And I was all, “Awww, my husband so gets me.”

When I’m dreaming about new trinkets, I’m thinking gear.  I love gear.  (I think most triathletes love gear.)

I’ve just started, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

stars & stripes gogglesaero mount water bottle* Triathlon bike helmet*

* these are items that still require research – so recommendations & reviews are great! 

What’s on your wishlist?  Please share.  I’m want to compile the “ultimate, crowd-sourced triathlete wishlist”.  Add your wishes in comments. Include a link, so we can all admire your impeccable taste in gear (and to make sure I don’t miss something that should be my list.)