Sports injuries suck, but opportunity knocks

I was laying on an exam table for physical therapy, yesterday – not my favorite place to be. I trashed my left hip flexor on Saturday,  practicing bike remounts. (the kind when you just know it’s not good.) It was like being on a torture table because I knew the first step was going to be “rest”. […]


Cranberry Trifest, IV

The Cranberry Trifest is this weekend. This is my milestone race. Like I mark my kids’ growth on the doorway on their birthdays each year, this where measure my progress as a triathlete. Cranberry 2011 – My first-ever olympic distance sign-up. I had a good running base from doing the Boston Marathon with Team in […]


Stubborn Goals

Ok, here it is, as clearly as I can say it… Nationals is in 2 weeks and I’m not going. I committed to a goal back in October, when I registered for the 2014 USA Triathlon National Championships – Olympic Distance. – and I’m not going. Ugh. I delayed and languished over this decision for weeks and […]