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It’s a half ironman, but a whole race, I swear!

race trinketsI admit to enjoying a post race high – for several days.
Oh yes, I’ve been conspicuously wearing my Patriot t-shirt and socks and drinking from my steel pint glass. I’ve been more than stoked to share my happily surprising time for the half ironman. I have, indeed. But the buzz is a little more difficult to maintain than I imagined.

“Are you going to do a full one?”

Wait, what?!

…am I gonna do a full one?!
Ya know…a half iron is pretty far…and it takes a pretty long time…and an awful lot of effort to complete.
It is a whole entire race, I swear.

It’s not like eating half a cookie and leaving the other half sitting on a plate. It’s not like running Boston and just hanging out in Wellesley for the afternoon. There wasn’t any more to do when I stopped – I did the whole thing. And it was far – 70.3 miles to be precise and it was long – over 5 1/2 hours. Sure a 10k is double the 5k – but we’re talking about racing for half of a 24 hour day. Whoa! This is an entirely different animal.

Ok yes – I intend to do a full one, someday –  provided I stay healthy and when my kids are older and I can train without wishing I could be two places at once. But in the meantime, I’d like to bask in the glow of completing a half ironman without discussing the missing half.

Maybe I should just stick to calling it a 70.3 –  it just doesn’t sound as cool, though.