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New Year’s Wisdom

Winter WaterA Polar Bear Swim to kick off 2014!

This sounded like the perfect way to start a year that was filled with bold goals and all sorts of crazy wishes.

Jeff & I couldn’t make the Christmas Day swim, so making our own event just a week later seemed like a decent balance of daring and reasonable. (this is “reasonable” per the endurance athlete, endorphin brain, of course.)

We picked our time: 10:00 am.  There was discussion of a possible run after we warmed back up.  The perfect start to the year.

The beauty of moving up into the higher age groups, is gaining experience and wisdom.

“We should probably check to see if the reservoir’s frozen.”

nICE 2Freezing cold water is one thing,
frozen is entirely different!

Neither Jeff nor I were chipping through the ice to carry out this mastermind plan.

Plan B: Kick off the New Year with a day of rest.  Makes sense.  It’s going to be a very busy year. I’ll need my energy.

Tomorrow she moves mountains

Thanksgiving Workout

WOW! That was cold!Your Workouts for Thursday, November 28

Workout #1: Crazy Polar Bear Bippy-Freezing!
Type: Other
Description: Have fun, crazy lady!
Pre-Activity Comments: WOW! That was cold!

The 34th Annual Thanksgiving swim. I’m not sure why the tradition began.  Duxbury beachThe swim takes place at Duxbury Beach in Massachusetts (New England cold). Our swim location is a stone’s throw from where the pilgrims set ground, before being able to make their way into Plymouth harbor.  I’m sure some of the pilgrims fell in the water and got cold. So possibly we’re re-enacting?  This is doubtful.  It’s certainly the result of mixing beer and otherwise clear thinking 35 years ago.

The 2013 swim was one of the coldest.  Many years the air and water are actually warm enough for people to run in 2 or 3 times.  We have scads of photos through the years of people hanging out on the beach afterward and socializing. (One of my favorites is of my dad, in his bathing suit, talking to my grandmother in her big, warm winter coat.)

Thanksgiving SwimWhy swim? It’s impossible to make this seem like a wise choice, but there is something wonderful about a group of people rallying early on Thanksgiving morning to spend time together.  There’s something special about hanging out with a gang of all ages (from 8 to 70 this year) that counts to three then runs into the freezing ocean roaring like polar bears. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me.

Workout #2: Happy Thanksgiving!
Type: Other
Description: Thank you for being an awesome, inspiring athlete and thank you so much for giving me the honor of coaching you!

Workout #3: Gratitude, Play with Family
Type: Other
Description: Play, play, play, play. Love life!
Pre-Activity Comments: Mission complete.  A wonderful holiday and many, many reasons to be grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving 2103.