About Alex

Happiness WattsIn addition to a myriad of other hobbies,  I think,  a lot.

I’m driven to understand what is happening within us to create the world around us. What motivates us to do anything? How do we use understanding to achieve? How do we align achievement with our experience of happiness and not allow achievement to substitute and keep us away from it?

As an executive coach, I work with amazing leaders who want to tap into greater potential to change minds, people, and some aspect of the world. My work is a privilege.  I’m trusted to be in service to dreams and to share the struggles, doubts, and fears. It’s amazing work. I’m consistently in awe of human capacity for growth, resilience,  and connection. 

I was once the Chief Operating Officer of an early cloud-based software company.  This 10 year journey prompted my coaching career.  Although I’d been fortunate to have many people who graciously taught me specific skills I needed, much of this time I was out of balance and following paths that weren’t right for me. After the company sold and I’d completed my obligations to the acquiring company, I had to take a long break and it took me a while to sort through and to see how I could have benefited with having had a different kind of support.

Probably because of my own focus on analysis, process, and operations, I’m most at home in technical, scientific, engineering organizations. There’s a special challenge for technical experts to lead at the executive level, but the impact is amazing when people harness their authentic style and lead successful operations and teams, in concert.  

Intent + Wonder = Goals + Curiosity. I started blogging at Intent & Wonder as a way to explore and play with my own internal musings and to share my own humanity as I struggle to figure out how my own inner workings get me anywhere and nowhere. If you know me, you know that always “I have a question.”  With experience, I’ve learned that my intent sets my direction and guides me AND I don’t have to know all the details when I set out. I happily never know what I’ll do, see, or learn along the way.

I like practicing.  I crack myself up regularly in the pursuit of progress. There’s so much to understand. This won’t ever change. I’m happies keeping it real and attempting new endeavors with low expectations and sometimes really great people.

Throughout my career, my athletic training and pursuits have kept me sane and healthy. They’ve also provided a wealth of resources and skills which have fueled my success and career progression. Sports are a great place to practice a lot of life skills. They also help keep our brains healthy, so I feel justified in owning as many bikes as I do.