Happiness WattsI’m lots of things and I have a lot of hobbies.

I’m an Executive Leadership Coach and President of Acumentri Leadership.  A former software technology COO, I now work with executives and senior leaders in highly technical and analytical fields who are challenging themselves to be authentic, effective leaders.

Over many (so many) years, I’ve amassed enough leadership experience as an operations executive, entrepreneur, and professionally driven person to allow me this incredibly rewarding opportunity to help others them develop their own leadership acumen and strategy.

Intent & wonder are 2 incredibly important skills or qualities that I’ve applied to my most successful endeavors.  With experience, I’ve learned that my intent sets my direction and guides me AND I don’t have to know all the details when I set out. I certainly never know what I’ll do, see, or learn along the way.

Maintaining wonder (mastery mindset) has added more joy to my work and training.
It’s also allowed me to reach higher levels of performance. (faster & funner!) 

Lowell Mill City TriI love to challenge myself and learn new skills.
I get carried away. I sign up for things without knowing details. “It seemed like a good idea at the time” has been my only explanation for many things, but I’m persistent, determined, and a little relentless – so lack of foresight rarely stops me.
I like practicing and I crack myself up regularly in the process. I have so much to learn and I’m certain this won’t ever change. I’m happy keeping it real and pursuing new
athletic endeavors with great people.Certified in Performance Dynamics


Throughout my career, my athletic pursuits and training have kept me sane and healthy. They’ve also provided a wealth of resources and skills which have fueled my success and career progression. In a joint partnership with Jenna Powers, Take the Lead, we’re researching and documenting the correlation between adult athletic participation and professional success with the intent of creating methods to build and access potent leadership skills.

Other factoids about me:

  • I’m a tech / start-up zealot (read: Star Wars nerd)
  • I was the COO of Oco, a small, but feisty, SaaS Business Analytics Solutions provider outside of Boston. We were all about cloud analytics before it was sane to be so.
  • My triathlon experience kicked off in earnest in 2012.  I competed sprints in the late 90’s, before all the cool gear.
  • For years, I didn’t understand what was so fun about cycling. It was the thing before the run.  And then I discovered off-road and CX…and GRAVEL (my current favorite)…and now MTB (learning to love).
  • Since our recent move to the shore, I’ve added rowing to my list of new things.
  • I like training far more than racing.
  • My kids are very impressed with my Muppet knowledge